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Families Advocating Transparency in Autopsies of Loved Ones

Richard Chang

Richard Chang 48 years: 8.12.1956 to 13.07.2004

Jacqueline’s brother Richard Chang, was a senior risk analyst at Abbey National HQ, who died after a fall in July 2004 at the Abbey National plc headquarters . Prior to his death Richard had been heavily interrogated by Kroll Associates in the building. Freddy Patel, the pathologist involved, and the coroners court, recorded, on the most spurious of evidence, Richard’s death as “suicide”.

Jacqueline and her family has always felt that the patent lack of blood on the scene of Richard’s fall, precludes the possibility of a genuine fall, which would have resulted in blood from the trauma of the impact. Was Richard’s death a cover up?

She believes that her brother uncovered something highly sensitive about specific Senior individuals in UK Financial Institutions, and that his death was highly suspicious.

See video on YouTube  |  WikiSpooks

She has since 2004, has been fighting for access to full disclosure of evidence and information on the circumstances surrounding Richard’s death. This is held by the Metropolitan Police, but Jacqueline has been refused.

Richard Chang – Wrist Injury
Medical records show Richard had a weak right wrist due to an injury he sustained about 15 years earlier. The only witness who claims to have seen Richard hoist himself over a glass balcony states ‘He (Richard) had his hands on the metal railing and raised himself up’. See medical record Pt1  |  record Pt2

Mr Michael Chang (Richard’s father) stands at the sight of the spot where Richard allegedly climbed over. Mr Chang was the same height as Richard 5ft 4″ or 1.52 metres. See a close-up of the balcony.

Post Mortem Pt1 Record | Pt2 Record 

Stephen Lawrence and Kroll (Private Eye)

Visit the: Ian Puddick Website

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