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Nygel Firminger

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Nygel Firminger, was found dead after he was evicted by his housing association in 2012. Nygel had previously been sanctioned by Kilburn jobcentre and pursued by the Department for Work and Pensions.

He eventually gained full time employment, but his employer refused to pay him for three months. He took out loans in order to pay for the things he needed.

After this, he lost his job and went onto Jobseeker’s allowance, while on medication. Instead of rent, he was paying back the loans each month. He was eventually evicted by his housing association and on the day of his eviction, he was not allowed time to pick up his medication and was found dead in the flat.

Nygel Firminger happened to fall through the cracks of society. A tragedy like this could happen to anybody with the cuts of austerity.

What caused Nygel Firminger’s death?

Nygel Inquest Protest with adjournment

One thought on “Nygel Firminger

  1. Nygel was my classmate back in the 1970s.
    we were pupils of st Johns Primary school.
    I remember Nygel as as lively and outgoing boy.
    I remember when the film “grease” was released in 1978 ish,
    Nygel formed a gang based on the movie.
    we were all into rock n roll in those days.
    but once we started secondary school we lost contact
    and the last time I actually saw Nygel around 2004
    he was sitting outside a job center in Kilburn drinking a tin of Beer
    and so I approached him and said hi,
    but he looked lost in himself…no enthusiasm…the Nygel from St Johns was changed and he Just looked like he was depressed.
    he didn’t say anything to me
    but I knew something was wrong
    and so a few years later when I found out he had killed himself,
    I was saddened og course,
    but I know now that my first impressions outside that job center in kilburn was right.
    Its a real pity that he felt his life wasn’t worth living.
    I’m sure many of his former school friends feel the same.
    I send my love and condolences to his siblings and parents.
    and thank you to the web page creator for creating this website.

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