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Daniel Abrey

Daniel Abrey 22 yrs: 2.2.83 to 2 9.2005

In Hiliary Abrey’s own words
Daniel was a 22-year-old man who lived and worked in London. On Friday 2 September 2005 Daniel did not report for work. His colleague called his landlord to ask if Daniel was there. The landlord’s partner Wayne went to Daniel’s room and said he put a note under the door. No note was ever found.

The police were called in the evening. I don’t know why there was such a long delay as it has never been fully explained to me. I was told Daniel’s door was locked and when his landlord went into Daniel’s room he was on the bed. He had passed away. There was a large knife on the bed next to Daniel I think the knife is called a machete. Why would Daniel the need to defend himself in his room with the door locked? I was informed by the police that Daniel’s death was not suspicious.

I was not notified of Daniel’s death until I got flowers from his work at the Inland Revenue which was on Wednesday 7 September. By this time the post mortem had already been carried out on the 6 September one day prior to my learning of Daniel’s death. I was therefore denied my rights in law to attend the post mortem or to appoint a doctor to attend on my behalf.

I was also denied identifying my sons’ body. I am Jewish and I was also denied my religious beliefs to bury my son as quickly as possible. Also according to Judaism Law a non Jew is not allowed to touch a Jewish body. All of this was ignored along with the fact that Daniel had been circumcised the day after he was born. This was not included on the post mortem report either.

When I received the post mortem report it stated that Daniel was 5’4″ but in actual fact Daniel was 6’1″ there was no mention of his circumcision or his lip piercing and the report stated the person was well nourished when in fact Daniel was underweight.

I honestly do not believe Patel carried out the post mortem on Daniel. Patel did not give a credible explanation for the discrepancies. Patel said they were due to rigor mortise but scientifically rigor mortis only lasts between 24 – 48 hours. Daniel’s post mortem was conducted four days after his death.

The Coroner at the Daniel’s Inquest told Patel “you can see from the photos he is not a small man”. Patel could offer no reason for this and I honestly do not believe that he carried out the post mortem on my son. Patel also stated that he did not remember Daniel.

I will never know what happened to Daniel. The Coroner stated “you came here looking for answers Mrs Abrey and I wanted to give you those answers but unfortunately I cannot”. An open verdict was recorded at the Inquest.

In my opinion Patel should never be allowed to work as a pathologist and should be struck off.

Post Mortem Pt1 Record | Pt2 Record

Letter from Dr Patel

Ian Tomlinson pathologist may have done postmortem on wrong body
The Guardian – 3 May 2011

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