FATAL Campaign

Families Advocating Transparency in Autopsies of Loved Ones


FATAL’s collective stories, told individually by each bereaved relative, would be likely to be dismissed as the over-emotional subjective and even paranoid versions of events.

But together, Freddy Patel’s post mortem diagnosis of their loved ones, brings a new substantive credence to a story that must have much more to it. The question arises again and again in Patel’s cases. Why did he not report the true facts? Who and what is he protecting? And Why?

It is because of a profound sense of injustice that five families have decided to join together and launch FATAL on behalf of the victims of home office pathologist Freddy Patel.

Because of Freddy Patel’s position in the medical profession and because of the accusations against him, our quest for transparency and truth, cannot simply be dismissed as just a question of revenge.

What takes place in the coronial system has far wider implications affecting all citizens in a just society, With this in mind, FATAL will be looking much further than Dr Patel. It will do so in the hope of bringing change to a system that slams doors in the faces of relatives that are simply asking for the facts.

FATAL believes its cases are compelling ones, and that there are many more people affected by similar experiences. Those people may not have been able to get closure, or legal justice. FATAL IS aware that without funds, or legal advice, many relatives would have felt they were unable to question what they must have felt was a “palming off” or worse, a deliberate misdiagnosis of their loved ones death.

Jacqueline Chang holds that “FATAL will insist that the truth is uncovered and justice is finally done for the benefit of the families involved”.

In the words of Jean Paul Sartre ‘Knowledge is Power’. So the more knowledge we have of different cases the more we can achieve.

If anybody has a case where Dr Patel, or any other pathologist has performed a suspicious autopsy please contact FATAL