FATAL Campaign

Families Advocating Transparency in Autopsies of Loved Ones


FATAL consists of:

Jacqueline Chang, Valerie Chang, Winifred Lee, Theresa Chang, William Sweeney, Hilary Abrey, Jackie Valad, and Betty Lowenthal. Each one of the above has lost a loved one in suspicious circumstances, whose cause of death was determined by pathologist Freddy Patel, the disgraced pathologist, currently suspended for his verdict of ‘natural causes’ on Ian Tomlinson, the victim of a fatal police blow in the G2 summit demonstrations.

Patel’s dubious autopsies which almost always seem to conclude ‘natural causes’ as a result of “coronary artery”, or “heart disease’, only really came to light because of the high profile case of Ian Tomlinson.

A new Pressure Group, FATAL, has now been formed as a result of the exasperation and grief relatives have suffered over what they believe is the deliberate lack of transparency of their loved ones autopsies. Take our Poll >

FATAL believe that there are many more people who have been at the receiving end of Dr Patel, and other operators’ questionable post mortems.

Jacqueline Chang from Birmingham, who founded FATAL after carefully tracking down many of the relatives, has refused to give up on her own 7-year battle to get answers on her brother’s death. Via FATAL, Jacqueline and other families, are determined to challenge unreliable autopsies that appear, for whatever reason, to be hiding the truth.

If anybody has a case where Dr Patel, or any other pathologist has performed a suspicious autopsy please contact FATAL.


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