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​Met police spied on UK justice campaigns

Police Spy25 July 2014

Undercover officers gathered and retained information on 17 justice campaigns, including a family whose son was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police, a new report has found.

The damning report released by Operation Herne, found that the Special Demonstrations Squad SDS, a specialist unit of undercover police officers, monitored the activity of campaigners protesting against the Met between 1970-2005.

While the report did not find clear evidence that the SDS deliberately targeted justice campaign groups, it heavily criticised the retention of information that did not have a clear link to crime or domestic extremism.

Most of the campaigns involved in the spying operation involved black males, who were either died or were poorly treated whilst in contact with the police.

While the report does not name all the campaigns targeted by the SDS, it does mention the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot to death by police in 2005, after he was suspected to be a suicide bomber.

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