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‘Bent cops’ and a growing stench of corruption

Police4 April 2014

Over recent weeks, the Mail has published two investigations into the rampant corruption in Scotland Yard’s detective force in the Eighties and Nineties.

We raised the question of whether links between ‘bent coppers’ and serious organised criminals in South London might have hampered or sabotaged two of the Metropolitan Police’s most important murder investigations of recent years.

Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death by a racist white gang in April 1993. Not until 2012 were two of his killers convicted, and then only after a campaign led by this newspaper to bring them to justice, in the face of what was described in a major inquiry as ‘institutional racism’ at the Met.

Private investigator Daniel Morgan had been murdered with an axe in March 1987, allegedly as he was trying to blow the whistle on police corruption.

Both his business partner — who had close contacts in the local CID — and a Met detective were arrested in connection with the killing. But no one has yet been convicted, in spite of five police investigations and admissions by the Met that corruption played a part in those failings.

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