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Press Release: Have you been robbed?

3 October 2012
FATAL Update

When someone close that you love dies naturally, – it is normal to mourn their loss, to miss their presence in your life, and to eventually think fondly of their passing. Death after all is an inevitable part of life. We learn to adjust.

When someone you love dies an unnatural death, it is impossible to make that adjustment. It is a double blow: Not only have they died, but the way they died was senseless, unnecessary, abrupt, traumatic. There is no time for goodbye. This was not fair. You enter into a period of “numbness”. You reconstruct the events. You subconsciously reenact the last thoughts, and feelings of the deceased. You feel robbed.

Then as if you have not suffered enough, along comes a pathologist whose post mortem says something completely different as to the cause of death of your loved one. The pathologist says that your loved one’s death was “unremarkable”, when you knew it was suspicious. The pathologist also says that your loved one had coronary artery or “heart disease” when you know there was nothing at all wrong with his heart.

The pathologist says that the bruises and marks of violence on your daughter’s neck are just marks of “natural causes” when you know they could not be; or that your young son who died unnecessarily after being given the wrong treatment in hospital, had an underlying heart condition when you know he did not. The pathologist unbelievably, even states in the autopsy that your beloved son was short, when you knew he was tall, and that he was fat when you knew he was thin. So in fact he probably did not even ever examine him at all, and you have no idea whether the body of the son you mourn and have buried, is in fact his body at all!

All the above findings were made about the loved ones of a group of families fighting for justice. This “Family” of families is called FATAL UK (Families advocating transparency in autopsies of loved ones).

All the above findings were made by pathologist Freddy Patel.

All the above findings were crucially wrong.

Dr Freddy Patel has now been struck off by the General Medical council for dishonesty after being found guilty of 68 errors in the post mortem of Ian Tomlinson, who died from a blow by police officer Harwood. If the moment of his blow to the head had not just “happened” to have been caught on film, the entire incident, and Freddy Patel’s incompetence and dishonesty would not have come to light.

Yet, as foremost pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas has stated on the BBC News in early september 2012, just weeks ago, people have known about Dr Patel for years, and they continued to use him. Hospitals instructed him for post mortems, knowing the suspicion laying around him. The Metropolitan Police, who are fully aware of the backgrounds of every individual they come into contact with, used him continuously, knowing the doubts around him.

The home office, the prison service, all these agencies have used Dr Freddy Patel as and how it suited them, knowing his background and reputation. Coroner Andrew Reid, who has already come under severe criticism for his practices, has overseen inquest after inquest with grieving parents asking the same questions as we did, as we do? “WHY did Dr Patel write “natural causes” as the cause of death when we know it was not?” Yet in his entire history as a coroner supervising Dr Patel, Dr Reid has never once criticized his findings. Why?

The word “Why” is very pertinent for FATAL UK. We want to know why clearly incompetent professionals are being allowed to continue to practise. We want to know whether it is just incompetence or a larger plan, and whether Dr Patel has been conveniently used to suppress litigation, to save money, to save questions, to “sign” off the deceased expediently as having died of “natural causes” to save the body in question costs and their reputation.

After all, if our loved ones have a certificate saying they died of a heart disease that would have killed them soon anyway, or an underlying kidney lung or heart condition, or that they suffered low mood and took their own life – we have no case. Where can we go? Who can we turn to? The post mortem clearly states he or she did not die of brutality, or violence or negligence. We have no leg to stand on. No proof. It is a brick wall.

That is why if your loved one died in suspicious, unnatural, violent, or negligent circumstances, and you have that feeling that something was not quite right. But you felt powerless to challenge the powers that be…Hospitals….in custody…wherever…however. – Contact us immediately.

If you are smart and lucky enough to find your loved one’s post mortem, and it has been prepared by Dr Freddy Patel, it will probably be a short, one page document with very little detail, and there is a likelihood it will have the words “coronary artery disease” ….or…… “death consistent with natural causes”…..or….. “Death was unremarkable”. Contact us immediately. Join our “family”. We will help you to get justice.

We want answers, and now that Dr Patel has been found guilty of deception, so we believe are all the people that have used his services knowingly for years, guilty of the same deception. Answers can mean only one thing. A public enquiry, and we cannot do it without you.

So whether you have lost someone to an unnatural death, whose post mortem has been written by Dr Patel, or you are just someone with a conscience, who wants to eradicate dishonesty, shams, and cover ups, please support us, sign our petition, contact your MP and assist us in achieving a public enquiry and eventual change through legislation, to the coronial system, which currently is so ridden with irregularities, bad procedure and ineffective and bad practice, that it is a bomb waiting to explode.

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2 thoughts on “Press Release: Have you been robbed?

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  2. Yes it is a bomb ready to explode. My son died ten years ago in Germany and he had no medical examination of his injuries to establish whether or not his death was from being hit by a car or being hit in an assault. The german doctor declared he should have a post mortem. The Germans decided not to bother. The body was sent back to this country with documents that did not even give cause of death. He had a non forensic post mortem in the UK- one page and it did not state how the head injuries were sustained. I met with the pathologist who told me that my son’s injuries could not have been from a car crash but that he was beaten over the head. There is now a second inquest because the first inquest failed to make it clear the full circumstances of his death. For ten years I have tried to find out what was the cause of the death and it has caused untold agony and costs. The reason I am in this position today is because of the dreadful shoddy illegal cutting up of a body in these non forensic post mortems that bury the body without establishing cause of death. I am behind any move to hold a public enquiry into the miscarrage of Justice through unlawful post mortems. Even to this day the pathologist has not been called to give his evidence – he told me he just does what the Coroner tells him. It is very difficult when some Coroners and some pathologists cover up the truth. Erica Duggan. http://www.justiceforjeremiah.com